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Aires virtual environment goes beyond the basics, because it’s able to transform your studio into a modern, optimized, cleaner and more organized station. Everything you need to produce, schedule, stream and record a lot of content in a personalized and affordable way with cloud storage. Modernize the station’s studios and carry out flashes with the reporter live in high quality over the internet. Discover the future of radio, customize programming, organize the work routine and operate with a more sustainable structure.

Aires includes built-in codecs, monitor outputs, and on-screen mixers. Avoiding large amounts of devices like wires and mixing consoles, for example. Motivate the entire team, renew the energies of the work environment and make room for creativity.
The plans and prices are fully accessible to any person or radio station. Now the system is offered as SaaS – Software as a service – so you can opt for a monthly or annual subscription plan, with cancellation at any time and without grace periods.

The system offers the storage of all content in the cloud, from both the main studio and the mobile reporter app, accessible from anywhere online and synced from any device. Now it’s easy to save and organize work files online, always have that classic playlist on hand, and still be able to configure, control and manage users, devices and accesses of your Aires Cloud.

Recording and editing content | Mix Minus | Audio encoding | Monitor, headphones and CUE outputs

Make your transmissions with total efficiency and safety. Get a complete studio using a good PC or iPad. Aires Studio included a codec, processor, mixer and recorder in one tool. Use the main studio PC, since the inputs are adaptable to any station model. A modern platform for AM and FM radios, correspondent reporters, news agency, web radio, network radio stations, podcaster, broadcaster and all those who have the desire to transmit content in a virtual way can now have access to services and applications.

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